Friday, January 8, 2010

Kofuku, Kanda (後富久)

Were you getting as worried as I was? With only one new restaurant for lunch so far this week (one repeat, 2 bentos), I was starting to think that I'd never dine out again. Fortunately today's inaugural 'language practice' lunch with my colleague You saw us visiting one of his favorites, which was new but hardly unknown to me.

The west side of Kanda still has plenty to offer. Kofuku stands out, being a sorty stately place in its own well-worn way (a big sign, some landscaping outside - rare for the neighborhood), but I had never been in since it's sushi. Inside is just as stately and worn as the outside, seemingly dating from a time when tiled floors and pleather stools were the height of luxury. I don't mean this in a bad way; it's just pleasantly dated by a good 30-40 years. Other than the long counter, there are some slightly-raised tatami areas partly shielded by walls. You'd like to think it would be a quiet place to talk at night, but I have a feeling every second person would be from my company.

The menu is timeless. Because it contains only one item. And they seemed a little iffy about serving even that to us, being as it was after 1 and they were turning off the lights to shut down. Lest you perish of suspense, I'll just tell you that the menu item is kaisendon, mixed seafood rice bowl. It was pretty good too. Certainly nothing out of the ordinary, and not even anything to make you feel particularly seasonal, just a few pieces of cured tuna, some yellowtail, scallop, shrimps, salmon, egg, and those pink crunchy bits that always come in a bowl like this. You, kind fellow that he is, made me get the extra-size bowl, while getting a normal one for himself and then pointing out how I've gained weight. Thanks dude. All good fun, like the food - simple pleasures, done competently.

You can find a picture of Don here.

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