Friday, February 26, 2010

Ajigen ramen, Kanda (味源)

Once a week (sometimes twice!) I continue to have lunch with You (not in any kind of Royal sense) for language practice. It's difficult to say if I'm learning much (other than last week when he was very proud to teach me a colloquial expression for 'cleavage'), but it's always good to practice talking.

He recommended Ajigen, a Hokkaido-style ramen chain with a good number of shops around Tokyo. The specialty is spicy miso ramen, which we consumed, verily. The scores for this place (well, the 24-hour shop in Shibuya that seems like the flagship) are really terrible on ramendb, but I liked it. The soup was quite good - I'm a sucker for spicy, and also for miso, but the underlying soup was good. The noodles were medium-thick, slightly curly, and strong tasting; nothing wrong there. They were out of the cubed pork that it's supposed to come with, so there was just a big slice, but it was very soft. And there were lots of onions on top. So how can you go wrong?

Competency comes at a premium.

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