Friday, February 26, 2010

Brown Jug, Ebisu

Should you be walking back to the station in Ebisu, you may well stumble across all manner of interesting places. And should it be raining, you may well want to stop in one of them. Be careful not to miss the last train, OK? It's not fun.

The Brown Jug is basically a whiskey bar (and don't call it little, OK? That's not the name, as I see other reviewers commenting.). The menu has 4 pages of Scotch and whiskey, but I don't drink that. Thus I tested the capabilities of the bar with a Signapore Sling - fresh, lightly frothy from the shaker, and pleasantly balanced. Just based on that drink, I'd say it's a good bar.

The atmosphere is pretty much 'whiskey chic', with empty bottles, pictures of Islay, kilts, plastic model haggis and the like. There's a food menu that I didn't have time or space to investigate; on the web it looks like standard stuff that you'd expect if you were constructing a template for a whiskey bar - fry, fish pie, haggis. Haggis? Haggis.

At closing time, they played a version of Little Brown Jug (the Glenn Miller song), so they've got some 'little' spirit even if it's not the name.

I love how they even got a UK web site since they focus on whisky...

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