Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chiyomatsu ramen, Shibuya (千代松)

Shinjuku is a noodle town. A spicy ramen noodle town.

Geez, that worked for me on so many levels. Whaddya think, Sam?
So every time I go to Shibuya, I got lost, OK? Yes, it's a sign that I'm getting old (and this "Ooh, it's your year" business isn't helping). On this particular jaunt I was going to camera stores (the really cool Camera Cabaret, then walking up to Aoyama to go to the possibly-even-cooler Lomography gallery store, right by the Nezu Museum), and used the distance between things to take time and try to learn a bit, as well as make up an excuse to eat more ramen. This was a pretty good bowl.

The store is under the trakks, in one of the little pedestrian overpasses (at the north end of the station). I picked it out of the few that are tucked in there since the display food looked a notch up (and it's not hard to notch up from Pepper Lunch, but there were other noodley places). Of course the real product isn't quite the same as the plastic display food...

Note to self, grilled chicken has its place, and that place is (next to the mashed potatoes, har har!) under a slobbering of yuzu koshou. To me, it doesn't go as well in ramen. It's not a bad idea, but the soup seemed a touch bland from memory despite the appealing film of oil, and the (thin) noodles didn't offer a lot of excitement either. However with the cold weather outside, the overall effect was more than welcome and I wouldn't discourage you from stopping in.

It seems not to be a chain, which really surprises me. The whole effect, especially inside, was pretty smooth for a one-off shop.

Why am I so f-in cold this month?!

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