Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Junoesque Bagel Cafe, Tokyo

Only recently I was reminded that Junoesque's bagels are pretty edible (which is itself, I think, a reminder that my standards regarding bagels have slipped irredeemably), and after having a gander at some of the other places I hadn't been in Tokyo Station, I decided to have a sandwich here (the sushi place chief among them - it looks OK, but is awful spendy for a simple lunch).

Not belaboring the point,
1. The lunch offerings are pretty good. In addition to a bunch of different bagel sandwich types, they have some side soups and salads and things. I had a BLTA bagel (avocado) and it was fresh if not exciting, with precisely calculated minimal quantities of ingredient and garnish. The bagels (I had tomato) are all a little too soft, and a little too sweet.
2. Among at least 30 patrons eating, coming or going during the time I was there, I noted only one man. And I need a mirror to do that. Sweeeeet!


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