Friday, February 12, 2010

Ricolo, Tokyo

Seafood teppanyaki? Well, when you cross out the places on the 12th floor that are over $30 for lunch, and disregard the places with lines, you're left with this option (aside: an hour for Maisen? I wouldn't piss on their tonkatsu if it was on fire!). And it was pretty good!

For some reason I got the tuna steak rice bowl (the reasons being it was one of the only things in a reasonable price range, and it wasn't the chicken. I kinda set myself up for this by going to Daimaru's 12th floor in the first place; everything up there is expensive, and every time I forget just how bad.). I confess I went through a range of emotions as I watched Kurosawa san man the grill with an obsessive-compulsively deft set of spatula machinations. He was grilling some really delicious-looking tuna just after I ordered, and I hoped against hope that one of the tranches was mine. It looked like O-toro, honestly. Not to be. I was saddened when I saw the pale, fat-free slice of tuna that was to be my lunch, but he has a way with the grill, does our Kurosawa, and got it a little brown on both sides and still pale in the middle.

What put this donburi over the top for me was the bowl, which was filled with all manner of adornishments other than rice. A layer of dried seaweed, a drizzle (well, a thin coating, more like it) of mayonnaise, plenty of chopped negi, some greens, garlic chips...all happening. This made every bit interesting, and the whole thing but a pleasant memory in a few short minutes.

Sets also come with starter (bites of radish with little dried fish, 'turkey terrine', roast beef and red onion), 'miso' soup (so listed on the menu; no actual miso, I think, more like minestrone minus most of the bulky ingredients like pasta and beans. And carrots. And celery. And pretty much everything, actually.) and scoop of apple sorbet that I think had a substantial contribution from our friends at Firmenich or Givaudan...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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