Monday, March 8, 2010

Curry House San Marco, Tokyo

There's a little ramen street down at the end of the underground shopping passage on the Yaesu side of Tokyo station (First Avenue or something like that). The ramen area has 4 shops that are supposed to be famous, and I've been to three of them - the 4th, a tsukemen specialist, always has a long line (so does the third, but I waited in it one time. It's usually shorter.). Yesterday I didn't leave the office until 2:40, so I figured that after being rejected there a bunch of times, it was now or never. 25 people in line. Straight up. Never going back again. Poop on that place.

Getting shot down like that always leaves me at a loose end. For some reason I wandered into this curry place, San Marco. Very normal chain curry operation, except perhaps a bit cleaner, brighter, and more vegetable-y. Still with the same tall, silly paper hats.

Well, this is what I get for writing "poop on that place". Here's the eggplant curry. I thought it would be vegetable-only, because it was called, y'know eggplant, but in fact that meant ground pork-and-eggplant. Let's get a nice close look at it.

Ohhhhh, that's nice. I'm joking, and the joke's on me, because I enjoyed this curry. It had a bit of spice, livened up all the more by ample quantities of Marie Sharp's hot sauce (proud products of Belize!), and it had plenty of curry and a dash of sugar. Just the sort of Japanese-style curry that I like.

Funny things lurking in unexpected places.

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