Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Intermezzo, Otemachi

That's a fancy name for a sandwich cafe. And while I'm at it, sandwich cafe? How many times have I bemoaned the lack of decent sandwiches in Japan? This didn't fix it, but it's cheap, pleasant, and open long hours (at least at 3:30 when I went). I had a 'Simple Egg Sandwich', which lived up to the name except for the black-sesame bread. But I have no problem with that, nor the small salad, nor the coffee, nor the Y650. Oh, they have burgers too. Who knew?! I should have hit this mezzanine floor of the Otemachi Building a lot sooner.

So the amusing point about this place was as follows: it took me a while to realize it, but there was an undercurrent of biker bar to the place. The waitress was wearing a low-cut black t-shirt, denim shorts and pink sneakers, and she had a fair bit of attitude. The overhead speakers played AC/DC the whole time I was there (I can't figure out which album, considering that I noted it went from TNT directly into Dirty Deeds...I guess it could be on shuffle, but there aren't many discs that even have those two songs together, are there? Foreign release? Bootleg?). And of course the tables were half-filled with guys in suits, smoking disconsolately and reading books or staring into space.

I wasn't smoking, and I left my jacket in the office. But thanks for asking. Jerk.

2 for 2 on new places this week. Bite it!

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