Monday, March 15, 2010

Ippuku, Tokyo (一ぷく)

Linji is a kind and accommodating soul, and besides I could tell from her demeanor that she was practically bursting with good news and I wouldn't be able to get many words I just picked this place proactively. I think it's the last place under the tracks, so today could have marked a historic occasion. But clearly I don't care all that much.

Anyway, the surprising thing about Ippuku was that it was perfectly acceptable, and maybe even good! If you wanted a Y400 plate of noodles, or a Y500 katsu curry, this would be my recommendation (equally because there aren't that many of those dirt-cheap places around Otemachi anyway). I confess, I had both. But I didn't eat most of the rice.

Another funny thing was the tiny, grizzled waitresses, who kept saying things to us in English even in the face of Japanese responses. It was pretty cute.

Can I getcha some coffee, hun?

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