Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Menya Sora, Kanda (めん屋 そら)

This place comes recommended from several sources - I'm pretty sure it was the top in the area on Tabelog sometime, and only a week ago my colleagues came back from a return visit, recommending it. I've been meaning to go for months and months. All of that adds up to a big disappointment since all MS delivered to me was a steaming bowl of meh.

Wasn't even steaming, actually. The soup was just cool enough to drink even when it came, which I don't regard kindly. Come to think of it, it came awfully fast too, which is never a good sign - pre-cooked noodles? The noodles had a bit of flavor and were nicely chewy, but that was the high point. The chashu was very pale and flaccid (I'm not trying to steer the direction of this post, I promise), the sprigs of mizuna on top didn't offer up as much freshness as you might hope, and the egg was...absent. I pointed out that what I got wasn't what I saw in the picture, and they said 'Ahhh, the one in the picture is the version with egg, see?' I found it misleading, and when heaped on the other factors it left me disgruntled.

Enough so that I stopped another customer who was looking at the menu when I left, saying 'The place right over there is a lot better.' I'm pleased to say she took my advice!


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