Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother Kurkku, Harajuku

The little Kurkku chain seems to be straddling all sorts of concepts, not in a bad way. There're organic ingredients, hip atmosphere (turntables), cafe food, bar bottles, and a full restaurant, all in two places next to each other in an obscure bit of Jingumae. It was pleasant!

Look at the web site and you'll see the two main places (the 'Mother' cafe and the restaurant across the alley) serve a bunch of organic veg, fancy pudding made with their own eggs, teas, cappucinos with elaborate foam designs... I ate the pudding and drank tea; considering that it was supposed to be made from eggs from chickens owned by the restaurant, and 'super rich' or something, it was pretty normal pudding (although at $6, nothing normal about the price). The tea was fine.

I'd go back here for the food as well. It's a good spot, quality stuff, nice atmosphere, in a quiet neighborhood.


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