Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tengou, Otemachi (天鴻)

Sky goose? Something like that. A grand name for a little chain (12) of gyoza shops. This one is 1 floor down in the Otemachi Building (the long, narrow one), and this visit actually marks the very first time I've been to that floor. Usually we visit the B2 floor, which has over 20 restaurants, but I realized recently that there are 6 or 8 places lurking on that middle level.

The theme here is 'everything goes better with gyoza'. You can get a whole set of gyoza (which are pan-fried dumplings, usually pork-filled. I didn't have to tell you that, did I?) or you can get one of ten or so normal Chinese lunch dishes, with a side of gyoza on the cheap (and for an extra 50 yen, upgrade to the special black pork gyoza). The main-dish items look really good on the menu, and it's making me hungry again now just thinking about those pictures. The reality of my yakisoba and Linji's chicken ramen was a bit different (not as colorful, and the taste relatively uncolored as well).

The gyoza are good though. I guess I could eat a whole order (the side-order size is 3, which is bigger than it might sound) but it might get boring. They're normal curved 'half moon' gyoza, not the log-shaped ones that you get at some other chains. Our batch was a bit under-fried to my tastes, but the filling is ace, with lots of scallion and somehow a lightness despite being, yes, pork. Good stuff.

And for dinner, nothing but vegetables.

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