Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Uogashi Sushi, Tokyo (魚がし鮨)

Uogashi, I confess, sounds terrible to me as a word. Let's leave it at that. But the concept, 'riverside fish market' is appealing. This is the place on Kitchen Street in Tokyo Station that I've avoided for months and months and months because I wasn't in the mood, and then when I was it turned out to be pretty expensive, and that put me off again. Today I was having lunch with Philthy (who I've had lunch with before, but I think not in a named capacity), and he always pays but never cares where we go, so I figured it was time!

Crass, no? Maybe this is the crass post. This is a pretty big chain, and it seems to hail from Shizuoka - they list the stores in that region first on the web site, and they had a 'Suruga Set' on the menu.

Anyway, there's nothing really notable about the fish here. The prices are certainly high, but the volume easily justifies it (if you want to eat that much, and I don't). We had the Manpuku Lunch (Y1700), which included a seafood salad, soup, and the usual sort of sushi assortment - a whole hosomaki, a big slice of cooked eel, and about 8 pieces of sushi. Very average tuna and salmon (cf my theory about how including salmon marks a place as average, unless you're in salmon country), good ikura, good egg, OK octopus, something that may have been buri but was essentially weird.

On the way out, we passed the fridge with sake. I must say I was surprised at the relatively nice stuff contained therein - Kokuryu and Isojiman (from Shizuoka) being the two things that I spotted quite obviously. Still, not enough to make one go back for dinner or nuthin'.


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