Saturday, April 17, 2010

Belg Aube, Roppongi

Peafowl, rain, beer. One of the staff was outside soliciting business, we didn't say no. I asked 'How late are you open?', he said 'Oh, until morning. Well, until 5.' That's Roppongi.

I've been here a bunch of times before in various companies, but for some reason it hasn't resulted in a post. Just imagine a smallish room that seats about 30 in a cramped way, a good selection of beer (especially Delerium Tremens brands, because they run this place and it's a sister to Akasaka Biz Tower's Delerium Reserve Cafe, but the food is much better there. I think I just finished my review.)

If you blow this up and fiddle with the contrast, you'll see a Peacock and his Kwak. In Algeria, this would be called a Peakwak, and would be acceptable as partial payment on dowries.

Certainly it's a festive place; even St. Bernardus gets into the act. (I love that their slogan is 'Heavenly nectar within reach.')

This is the really excellent Nostradamus from Brasserie Caracole in Belgium. Even I can read enough French to see that they're open Saturday afternoons for guided tours and tastings, so do stop by if you're in the Falmignoul area.

If I were being more serious about this review, I would point out that the food has been disappointing every time I've ordered anything. This is a mainly-drinks sort of destination, and perfectly good if approached in that spirit.

Oh, this also reminds me that they opened another branch recently in Toyosu of all places. Merely adds to the greatness of Monzennakacho.

Cheers, big ears!

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