Saturday, April 10, 2010

Itadori, Tsukiji (築地虎杖)

Tourists are always writing about how the fish they ate at a little restaurant in the inner or outer market of Tsukiji was the best possible fish EVER (especially if they waited 2 hours to eat at Daiwa). I don't think that's really true; whatever fish is identified as the best is almost certainly going to get sold right outta there and into Ginza or somewhere else where a shop can mark it way up and sell it to guys who will charge it back to their shareholders. But it's still fun to go to the little warren of restaurant-stuffed alleys on the northeast edge of the market - here's one where I ate before doing some shopping on Saturday (incidentally, if you go after 1 PM, you can get sweet deals on really great tuna to take home and cut yourself).

While walking around considering which place to hit, I saw the 'grilled bowl' mentioned on a sign, and that sealed it for me. For some reason, it came with a just-set egg in fishy soup...this is a frequent companion to lunches, and something I'm starting to like after years of thinking 'Urk, it's an almost-raw egg!'

This is their luxury-level 'Kiwami Don', with some seared scallops, snapper and shrimp over sesame phlecked rice, mediocre ginger, tubed wasabi. I'm going to let the picture do the talking, because there wasn't anything particularly enthralling about it. Nice, but mediocre value.

It'sa dori!

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  1. They have several shops. The 'ura' one has some pretty good curry udon which I what I normally go for. I haven't had too much else, but I haven't been wowed by it.