Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kaotai, Marunouchi

Today really didn't start out that well - a little rainy, went for a run, thinking about an unfortunate email overnight, walked to work, quiet. For lunch I wanted to get more exercise and thus walked down to My Plaza like yesterday, bringing the total restaurants I've been to in their food floor to 3 (including Maharaja, which the team visited aeonz ago).

Kaotai looks pretty authentic, but did nothing to lift my mood - I had a chicken gaprao, from the pre-made trays that hold all their food, which was quite spicy but had a weird, sorta off taste to it. The fried egg was also really odd texturally, but at least not dried and tough like many places serve them.  Hopefully all this won't make me sick. Incidentally, I do not eat random plants gathered near my apartment, so that's not a thing I'll be getting sick from. All my weird plants are purchased from grocers, fair and square. To finish off this weird paragraph, here's a link to the homepage of Vietnamese singer Cao Thai, famed worldwide for his song 'Mexico' ("Wastin' away again in ol' Me-hi-co / Lookin' for my lost shaker of salt", but sung in French).

What lifted my mood? Walking outside to go back to the office, sun shining, remembering that I'm still an employed finance professional...biiiig smile.

Son of a BITCH, this is a sub-brand of Tinun. I'm not very happy with their quality right now.

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