Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mimikyu Soba, Otemachi (美美久)

This is a real, old-fashioned salaryman soba lunch hangout...which makes it quite sensible that I went there with my company's CEO (and that's pretty funny isn't it? The American equivalent would be 'just grabbing a burger with Lloyd Blankfein'.)  If you go, expect to be elbow-to-elbow at formica-topped tables with middle-aged and older guys in cheap suits.

I had a ten-zaru, and was oddly pleased with it. The ten part was a kakiage (let's call it a deep-fried puck of seafood) in a bowl of soup (my bad, I was expecting a separate plate of tenpura pieces; that's probably tenpura teishoku on their menu).  The shrimp in the fry were good, and I especially liked the green shoots swimming in the soup - seemed like chive buds. (Everyone loves green shoots these days! Go economy! Go markets!).  The soba was very white and very fine, almost like an Inaniwa udon-style soba, and came on a square zaru in four distinct piles. It was a lot of noodle, and the hot soup was fully chilled by the end of it. Still, a good noodle. And open for lunch from 10 AM, if that helps.

I could go back here without much prompting, and it's cheap (Y630 for just the 4 piles).

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