Friday, April 2, 2010

Torikaku, Otemachi (とりかく)

Neuuu, this was not the most brilliant fried chicken lunch I've ever had. Nor was the conversation particularly inspiring (sorry You). Combination of the weather, obsessing over the financial markets, and the indignity of having lunch at 11:30 (back at my desk by 12:15 - good lord the afternoon was long).

Uhhhhh...Torikaku is very utilitarian, a real salaryman lunch experience. It's strange because they might be a bit nicer at dinner - most of the seating is in small, semi-private rooms, and the web site advertises their nabe selection - but you can't excape from a choice of 5 set lunches, which include at least 2 fried chicken choices (You had the one with kim chee mayonnaise). The chicken was fried in a batter that cooked up strangely dry, almost powdery on the outside, while inside was less juicy than it might have been. Of course, they didn't exactly kill a chicken and fry it up right when we ordered, right? The kim chee mayo sounded interesting, but turned out to be more or less pink mayonnaise with a slight sweet 'n' spicy note (and when I say slight, I mean slight, not like this).

Hey look! I just wrote 194 words about practically nothing, and you read them! Let's agree not to do this again.

You can keep this one.

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