Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sicilia, Roppongi (シシリア)

With Baggio fully reserved, we found ourselves strangely stuck in Roppongi on a rainy Wednesday. This place Sicilia was recommended from a bit back, when they were in a grubbier and cooler space where people used to scribble on the walls (as pictured on Tabelog). Now they're on the hill down toward Akasaka, in a newer space right next to the excellent Scotch bar Cask, and I hear rumors that the food has gone downhill.

Certainly the food is none too far uphill, but the prices, to my reckoning, are right at the bottom of the hill, so the ratio thereof may be decent depending on your perspectives. We had a pizza (an odd sort of almost-pastry-thin crust with sauce and cheese), a garlic-clam pilaf (hey, it's Japanese-Italian), a green salad (I loved the way they cut whole cucumbers into thin fan shapes and spread them on lettuce; judging by other tables, other people love this too), and most importantly a dish of canneloni, which had the sweet-ish red sauce, thick white sauce, melted cheese and sausage that come with these things in Japan. The canneloni were the standout for me; as a quick dinner, a salad and a dish of canneloni at this place would be a good, cheap way to rev up for an evening of 'Pong.  They also have decent Chianti in charmingly-named 'harf' bottles (375ml).

And plenty of hostesses to gawk at, being thankful you're not the sucker paying for their dinners.

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