Monday, May 17, 2010

Sushi Dining Tatsu (辰)

With a bunch of critical meetings keeping important people busy or out of the office, plus temperatures nudging the high 70's and clear skies, today was the ideal occasion for a long lunch. And long it was. I corralled Ponkan into visiting my favorite new neighborhood, the little corner of northerly Kanda with Mimasuya and Hanakago and a dozen other places I'd like to live next to (as long as I could still live in Monnaka). We walked and dithered a bit, but this little sushi place somehow spoke to her, soto voce as it were, and in we went. I'm never one to veto someone else's suggestion. Am I? Am I?

Cutting to the chase, we had two of the Y1000 lunch sets. This is Pon's roll set, which came with a special warning that it would take 15 minutes to make (doors were open, see above re: weather, no problem!). With cream cheese and tobiko (and caviar) in full effect, this had a very New York style. It was good.

As was my 'hikari mono don', mixed silver fish bits on rice. You know how I hate picking a favorite since there are so many good things? I decided a while ago that when people asked about my favorite fish, I'd say pickled mackerel. This is largely true, but it also has a good effect because it's not an obvious choice and gives people a weird and false sense that I'm discerning.

Anyway, this fish was good enough that I'd go back here. I think it was noticeably better than a lot of other lunch sushi. I also just started thinking I'm taking too many pictures of crap.  He's got Y1800 lunch sets too, which are meant to be a bargain since they're reduced from Y2500...honestly, I think they were 12 pieces of sushi, so yeah, that's cheap. This guy deserves business.

Sure, I've been mentioning the weather a lot lately. But have you been here to see it?

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