Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WW, Marunouchi

Funny, I knew I'd been to WW before (World Wine, the bar side of Luke Mangan's Salt branch (saltfork?) in Shin Maru) and had to go back to make sure I didn't post it. Turns out it was all the way back in January 09, years ago, when I met the Curmudgeonly Old Bastard for a Coopers before we went to Le Remois down the hall. Nicknames were longer then, weren't they?

Turns out WW has lunch. Turns out it's a good deal. In typing that, I've just realized that I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend this as a lunch destination. For a somewhat-large Y1500, I got a good starter salad, a whole plate with all sorts of bright-colored, shaved-off, good-for-you radishes mixed into the normal greens and a sprig of bamboo shoot. And then I got a comically rotund wagyu-derived burger with onion jam, blue cheese and barbeque sauce on what I think would claim to be a brioche bun. In typing that, I've just realized that it wasn't a good idea to use them all together, and I wish it had come with ketchup. But it was still pretty cool as Tokyo-area burgers go.

Good view out the window to Tokyo Station or else across to Maru, and plenty of other sensible options like a sausage and mash, pasta with sea urchin, or sandwich. All of those are Y1k or 1.2, making this a good place.

We need more good places. And outdoor seating.

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