Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ajiden ramen, Kanda (味伝)

Guessing on the name here, but I think it:s right. This place opened recently (they still have orchids on the stairwell landing) and it seemed like worthwhile try today when Ponkan and I went out in light rain for an early lunch. It was OK, but not up to the standard of the recommended places in the neighborhood.

One odd thing is that they're multi-purposing, as I've commented many places seem to be doing. Downstairs is unambiguously ramen, with a small counter and a ticket vending machine, but this upstairs area, serviced by a dumbwaiter, has a wet bar and izakaya-style menu pages on the walls. There's also a Ponkan behind the bar if you go at the right time.

Here's the bowl; they call it 'meat ramen', and the presentation style in the pictures makes me think of Kitakata ramen (slices of meat fanned out all over the top of the bowl) but the medium-thick, medium-eggy, medium-tasty noodles were a departure, as was the tonkotsu soup. Although I could swear that it was more chicken-based than anything else. Burnt onions were a nice touch. Nothing more to add, really.

That's all, she wrote.

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