Sunday, June 6, 2010

Krung Siam, Roppongi

Fooo, a long day to cap a long weekend; this one ended with some of the best Thai food I've had in Tokyo. I guess it's not such a surprise when the staff is all Thai, the weather is humid and sticky, and the table is outside. Despite only one visit, this seems like a gem in the roughness of Roppongi.

It's across Gaienhigashi Dori from Midtown, just off what I like to think of as 'the diagonal street', but Koala calls it the 'timeslip street' because of the old buildings and brick paving.

The pink neon is a nice touch, and very Thai in its garish festivosity, but also keeps you from reading the name. Going clockwise, the rest of the pictures are a raw eggplant salad that was fabulous and made us all flap our wings with delight (the Peafowl having only recently having relocated from 'Nam, I take this as a good endorsement); a spicy fried noodle dish that was neither spicy nor interesting; and a seafood pancake that was very good. We also had a larb and some sticky rice, both of which were on the good side of neutral.

A winner, a really worthwhile place when in 'Pong especially when you factor in the price. Looks like the original shop is in Jiyugaoka, and there's also Kichijoji and (recently), Roppongi.

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