Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pizzeria Ghitaro, Gaienmae

What could be more American than eating pizza and going to a baseball game? I guess doing it IN America would be a bit better, but let's not pick nits.

This place sits out in plain view in a big brick plaza off Aoyama Dori between Bell Commons and the entrance to Gaien; it was pretty handy as I walked over from Roppongi with the Peafowl and we needed a small peck before going to the game. I've tried to get in to this place before and found it full; maybe you've had the same experience.

The pizza wasn't the greatest thing (for that, I still maintain you should just go to Baggio), but as a set, the pictured items for $12 were a pretty cool deal.

Grape soda?! Had to get it. Salami pizza; weird crust - looks good, wasn't great since it kept shattering rather than being bready and chewy. Mixed starter had pumpkin salad with breadcrumbs, weird but likable; frittata; roast pork; salad.

Eh, when in Rome...

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