Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sakaeya Milk Hole, Kanda (サカエヤ ミルクホール)

If you're following closely, you've read a number of times about a very specific small block of Awajicho that has a bunch of good places for lunch - either quality food or good atmosphere. Sakeya is right in that zone, so I've been wanting to visit. Today's strategic men's lunch was a good opportunity, seeing as we were 5 people and that's hard to fit into a lot of places at 12 o'clock.

Sakaeya is the sort of place I've only recently become comfortable with - until now, I kinda figured the food would be mediocre and the atmosphere wouldn't make up for it. In practice, the food is pretty good (notice that on the sign it says 'light meals and tea' and keep that in mind when you see the pics) and the retro atmosphere doesn't add much to it. Like the experimental music of my youth, the concept is usually better than the execution.

For lack of a better interior shot (and there's not much else to see inside anyway; the bronze exterior and banners are the best design elements), here you have Brothers trying to lean out of the frame, Todd accidentally leaning in, and Mama at the counter picking up an order. Mama is very particular about her makeup, and looks good enough for a night out even though she's serving up...

Curry! Seriously, I'm not sure what 'light meals' means when the specialty of the house seems to be the curry-and-ramen set. I really liked this curry since it was firmly in the Japanese mold - sweet, more spicy than hot. After a while though, I started thinking that this might be the same taste as House or S&B curry if you made it at home, but I can't remember the last time I had one of those.

The ramen is every bit as simple as it looks - medium, straight-ish noodles in a simple soup, with some pork, some onion, some spinach. It was nice, not in a deeply enlightening way like you were tasting 65 years of history, but nice.

That was a nonsequitur, wasn't it? I read that they opened in 1945, hence 65 years. Another funny thing is their dinner hours - from 5 until a bit before 7. So homey!

I was unfortunately there to eat the ramen, and thus couldn't continue with my other project, hiyashi chuka. It'll happen, no problem... in fact, I think I'll have to go back for this one, which looks really good. Seemed like most other people were eating it, and several at our table did. Big and strong, I reckon.

Lots of interior and food shots in this review should help you decide if you want to check it out.

Like yesterday once more. Only with food this time.

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  1. Sakaeya Milk Hall, perhaps? Never mind, I like it your way better.