Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shonosuke Sweets, Kanda (庄之助、淡路町)

Small sushi lunches just don't fill a guy up, especially not one with bulging...err, muscles, like me. But I really do need to lose some weight, eh, and managed to avoid eating anything too bad after lunch. Still, I knew there was this quaint old sweet shop...

I first saw Shonosuke when I went to Yamaichi tonkatsu (still the best I've had; why no return visits? Guilt, probably.). The sign outside says '22nd generation' and there's also some deep connection to sumo that I can't understand from the web site. The shop is a little dim and dusty, but the sweets are fresh and beautiful. I picked up a monaka (like an Eat-It-All cone shell filled with sweet bean paste), their famous item - it's in the shape of a sumo referee's fan, the one he uses to indicate the start of the match. Very smooth, very sweet anko. I also couldn't resist a super-cute fresh bonbon in the shape of a red snapper; interestingly, the filling wasn't bean paste, it was just sugar paste. And they were both good, which is far from a foregone conclusion in wagashi. Herewith, some pictures:

By the way, they also have a shop right near my apartment. Did I hear someone saying Fukagawa wasn't awesome? Take it back, cuz you're, like, soooo wrong.

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