Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soi Thong Lor, Yaesu

It's always weird when it turns out that a place I've been eyeing for a while is actually a place that someone else has been to. Repeatedly. When we got to this place, Ding said it was a favorite of someone on his team, and thus an occasional destination when they felt like walking.

Welcome to Bangkok indeed. Bright colors, blinking lights, checked tablecloths, and nothing but Thai staff as far as the eye can see.

Unfortunately we were seated in the less appealing back room, where it:s more dark wood instead of bare metal. This also reminds of Bangkok though, because it:s the style that Thai designers use when they want to seem classy.

Classy is when you can get a nicely-sized lunch set with a gaprao and green curry for Y1000. It also helps when the gaprao is spicy and delicious, and the egg is perfectly set, and the rice is...well, it:s just rice.

This was a good curry, and I'd like to eat it again. Or else someone related to it. Overall, a really nice place and one that probably deserves to be your first choice for area Thai dining. I know I say that every time I go to a Thai place, but this time I really mean it. Until next week, at least.

In keeping with my recent habit of throwing in a strange picture at the end of reviews, here's one of a statue outside the Japan Steel building. They recently changed the name plate at the front of the building - it used to say Japan Steel in Japanese, but it was JX Group. Somewhat prosaic, wouldn't you agree? I swear this statue was put up at the same time. I go by here once a day on average, and can't remember seeing it. Does anyone know? As far as the reference, I think the whole bring-fire-to-mankind thing is pretty obvious for a steelmaker.

Well, that was bracingly informative, wasn't it?

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