Monday, June 21, 2010

Tonpu, Marunouchi (とん風)

18 months into the game, there are still plenty of restaurants to try out there, and this day featured a mixed cast of characters including Koala, Ponkan and Zoner; rare to see them all together, eh? This is one of the ones on the 5th floor of Shin Maru that just never quite appealed enough to me. It's a nice enough teishoku place, but going to Shin Maru doesn't feel like the time for teishoku - with the sorta glamorous and foreign surroundings, you don't want homey Japanese food, right?

Well, now that I've finally tried it, Tonpu was pretty much as expected - nice teishoku with quality ingredients in mildly upscale surrounds. For lunch you can choose between a couple of curry items (udon or katsu), a vegetable set, a dried & grilled fish set and one or two others. I had the curry udon, believe it or not. Very nice curry, the kind that doesn't taste too cloying or artificial or heavy or gloppy. Good noodles, plenty of onion, healthy topping of various sprouts, a few crunchy bits of leftover fry mixed in for texture. Yeah, a good bowl of noodles.

Still not sure why you'd go to Shinmaru to eat here, but you wouldn't be bummed if you did. I bet it's nice at night.

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