Saturday, July 3, 2010

456 Saikan, Yokohama (四五六菜館本館)

Yeah, yeah, another visit to Yokohama. Y'know, I'm getting to like it. This was such a great day despite the rain, and it all started at the 456 Saikan.

But first, a word from our sponsor...if we're sponsored by walking-around-taking-stealth-shots-of-people-and-cats.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled programming. This was very near the last place I had lunch in Chinatown, but was a clear cut above in food quality and an absolute standout in terms of waitstaff rudeness. Really, top-notch performance there guys!

It also differentiated itself by having a huge dragon painted on the wall, and a huge fish, and really rally rude waitresses painted throughout. Comically rude.

But hey, their boiled gyoza were nice! I think I might like boiled gyoza mainly as a vehicle for la-yu, which was excellent here just like it was excellent at Zenshutoku (but different).

Their xiaolongbao soup buns were less good, partly because I missed the theater of getting small spoons and a dish of gingered vinegar with them. But partly because they didn't come with spoons, so the soup just ran out when you tried to eat them.

Sometimes I just hunger for the Chinese food of my youth, and it's always out there, waiting for me, with gristle around the edges and neon sauce forming a mucal sac around each food item. Behold, I am born! I am sweet! I am sour!  There was a lot of sweet potato in this, which I thought was odd for a sweet and sour pork recipe.

And the sanratan, which filled some of us to the point that we almost couldn't think about ice cream afterward. But not quite. Good and spicy, but I like more vinegar in mine. Very thin noodles, which I thought was odd.

Not a bad place, not bad at all. Loved the service in particular, and didn't even have to pay extra for it!

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