Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dairyu, Kanda (大龍)

The heat, my friends, makes one do stupid things. I keep having this problem where I get headaches from exercise, mainly from cycling - after 80 or 90 minutes, I start getting a headache that lasts all day. It feels like dehydration, but I drank gallons of water last time and it still didn't work. I dunno.
Unfortunately I don't have that excuse for picking this place, because I just ran in the morning and was feeling fine. Let's just say that the temperature was in the mid 30's, or high 90's, as you like, and I felt bad about making Preacher walk around more than we had to, especially since he had already eaten and was just accompanying me. We ducked into the first place I saw that advertised cold noodles. The banner says something like "Proud of the flavor!", but once you've been to Kappabashi and seen stores that sell those banners, you never quite look at them the same way again. I mean you don't believe the lies.
And that would be right, because this was the most mediocre bowl of noodles I can remember. Sometimes I say that the picture doesn't do the food justice, right? In this case, the picture clues you in perfectly to what you'd be getting if you went here and ordered cold noodles, which I hope you won't.  The fact that they've 'lowered' the price from Y800 to Y500 did nothing to make me feel better about it.

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