Thursday, July 15, 2010

Matsumi Sushi (松海)


You can see where a guy like me would be interested in a place like this, can't you? Looks so old and beat down, but with a quiet pride...

Anyway, that romantic claptrap gets you nowhere when the subject is fish, and inside was also a little dingy, with a mild fish-and-vinegar bouquet. While those are certainly the relevant ingredients of the food, I didn't think it was a good sign, and reduced my order from the large set to the medium set at the last minute. The master didn't seem fazed by this, but he doesn't seem like a guy to get fazed by much.

Look ma, fishes!  Eh, for a Y1k lunch set, this is pretty cool, eh? Including sea urchin in the set is a little rare, and some of the ingredients like the white fish and the scallop were decent quality. I liked the shiso wrapping too. The rest, mostly just decent. Unusual to get a shako tail in this (the brown thing, back left). Soy-pickled daikon are also unusual; maybe they're old fashioned and I didn't know it?

"Just decent" he says. What a snob. I don't think I'd ever be able to eat Japanese food outside Japan.


  1. Jon, you have a great palate and have also had access to some other very good sushi. It is interesting that my wife has a much keener sense of taste than me. She rejects sushi which I have no problem eating, (Since I am desperate I take almost anything from the sea--dead or alive...sad).

  2. Jon - there is a restaurant near your very home town in NJ that has what I consider very quality sushi (OK it is from your Mom's perspective!!) - when you finally get here, it will be time to go there and get critique from an 'expert' opinion. I order an Olive Tree roll - ever heaer of it??