Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miharado, Kanda (三原堂)

After the disappointing cold noodles at the Big Dragon (and don't get excited by the name, just avoid it), I needed something else to eat. Preacher and I happened by this place and I remember liking the look of it before.
It's a normal sweets shop, so you can get the usual assortment of baked crackers, bean paste and rice-sugar concoctions. I picked up one of those caramel-peanut cakes that everyone sells, and also one of their #1 popular items, the monaka. They make three versions (big, normal and small), and the normal one was one of the best monaka I can remember - the odd Eat-It-All crust less styrofoamy than usual, and the filling medium-chunky and quite sweet. Right up my alley.
In some ways, the crowded, quiet shop itself is the best part. I bet they've been here forever, because they're wedged into a little odd-shaped corner of two busy streets. Like a slice of Edo clinging by the fingertips to Tokyo's present.

Grim situation, that.

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