Sunday, July 11, 2010

Musashi Koyama Onsen, Musashi Koyama (武蔵小山温泉 清水湯)

Wait, what? Why did I never publish this post? It's from a humid Sunday in July when Woody and I first encountered Honoka. As is often the case with him, he wanted to moisten his bird before wetting his whistle.

That came out wrong, I mean he likes to go to hot springs before going out to dinner. There are a surprising number of natural hot springs all around Tokyo. You don't have to go out to the mountains to get some type of healthy water.

I guess at this point in my blogging life I wasn't quite so silly about taking pictures of everything. Which means I didn't work too hard to take pictures inside the changing rooms or bath. You should know this is a nice place, with some sweet outdoor rock baths and a nifty natural black water. It's well worth a visit before dinner and drinking. Especially at the government-mandated low prices.

What's up with that, subsidy?

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