Thursday, July 29, 2010

Penguin Seafood World, Shinjuku

If you were walking down the street in Shinjuku, casting your eyes up so as not to miss any good places that were hiding away on upper floors, and you saw a sign with a pair of penguins happily vacationing far from their native clime, what would you think?
Perhaps not "Hey, this place has a tank up by the door with a couple of African penguins!" Perhaps not that, but you'd be remiss, because they do. On TV they show how the penguins are let out to go for a walk every night around 6 (unfortunately far before we got there).
The drinks can be fun (anything blue is A-OK; unnatural colors are always welcome), and are pleasantly free of alcohol, which is better for your liver anyway. The food is generally pretty distressing, but at least comes with gimmicks to keep you happy.
Sashimi is evidently a famous item here; not so much because of the quality. Remember that theory about serving salmon? Not a good sign. But these were fairly enjoyable, if only because they were so soft and fatty. And seriously, how can you go wrong with a little cake of dry ice in the middle?
Pretty much every segment of the menu comes with some penguin-themed elements. Like the salads, where there's a Mr. Penguin Caprese, with penguin-shaped cheese slices. The penguin shape was probably more authentic than the cheese; what they heck was that made of?
OMG, the totally have penguins!!!
Desserts come on fun penguin plates, and are mainly of the 'keep the girls happy' variety, with lots of ice cream, strawberry jam, green tea, and big volumes.
So of course it's a little sad to see these penguins cooped up ('tanked' up?), none too clean, just mellowing out, trying to get some sleep. You might like to get past that and go and have a good time, or you might not, but at least you'll know what you're getting - PENGUINS!!!!
Here's another random viewpoint from someone in the bowels of the web:

Visitor K
07-08-2008, 08:46 AM
man i went to the penguin izakaya in shinjuku. in my fractured mind i was picturing penguins walking around serving the food off of platter on their heads, but the reality was fucking depressing. the penguins looked sick and were cramped in a small fiberglass cage with a little pool of dirty water.
and the food was overpriced and shitty.


  1. I find this place very disturbing! Is that green stuff on the penguin's chest algae? Kind of like that monkey we saw in the pet shop in Roppongi....

  2. I just don't think you gave those poor penguins enough free press. You totally need to add more mentions of the penguins. -*feigns mock intimidating glare*-