Friday, July 9, 2010

Sankoen, Jimbocho

Oopsie, on the heels of Yosuko Saikan, I accidentally ended up with my colleague Mitch in another place offering cold noodles. It was less good, but they did have lice dishes on the menu, including flied lice, so the cooked food might be better.

I'll keep this short, so here's the deal. They give you a bowl with noodles and salad. You choose sesame or soy dressing. They give you a plate with toppings. You mix. You eat. Wasssuuuuuuup!  The noodles should be the centerpiece of a dish like this, and these chlorophyll noodles were really lame - soft and squishy, without much flavor.

Some of the toppings were pretty good, but I think the whole thing is a little too clever for its own good. More in the line of "office ladies like the presentation" rather than "salarymen say 'umeh!'" I liked the bits of sausage; the other stuff tasted more or less like what it looked like.

The atmosphere was kinda dark and modern here, if that makes any difference to you. It was probably the most notable thing about the restaurant.

Out on the street, I was fortunate to run into this odd building. I was extra happy because I saw a picture of it in the subway station a few weeks ago (the owners just randomly advertising their company in the station, I think out of local pride, or maybe local pressure from the ad sales team, even though there's no connection between their business and trains) and thought it was funny enough to take a picture of the picture.

This proudly-erect edifice is the building of 'Fuji Latex'. Is that a headquarters in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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