Friday, July 23, 2010

Uoju, Kodemmacho (魚十)

Tokyo has a garment district, did you know that? Loads of cheap-looking clothing stores, and of course fabric and whatever bits 'n' bobs you need to, y'know, make clothes. (If you want to check it out, it's in Bakuroyokoyama; you could walk from Kodemmacho on the Hibiya line or else there's a direct stop on Toei Asakusa and a linked Higashi Nihonbashi on Toei Shinjuku. Geez, when did I get all tourist-friendly?) I think the clip below was the first time I felt inspired to whip out my camera and grab a video; it was a Sunday, so you can't really see the place at its busy best.

But dining at Uoju was just an accident brought on by heat; one of those days when the bike takes you somewhere random and then you can't find a good restaurant. This seemed promising from the outside.

They describe themselves as 'kaiseki', and the very few pictures of dinner on tabelog look pretty good. The lunch is frankly lame. This is the standard makunouchi bento ('inside the curtain' bento, so named because it was the between-acts meal for stage performers. Is the pressed rice meant to be wavy like a curtain?).

Let's get a closer look. There's nothing wrong with this, it's just solid homey food. Not what you'd expect from a place that did 'kaiseki' at night.

Then again, if you found yourself stranded in this neighborhood and needing to eat lunch, you'd probably take whatever you could get, and you wouldn't starve here.

Whoa! Jews?

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