Monday, August 2, 2010

Daitetsu, Kanda (大鉄)

Japan's construction philosophy is often described as 'scrap and build'. You'd think that the narrow buildings and cramped neighborhoods would impede construction, but just means they find ways to be careful. Here, a building is being torn out from between others, and a pint-sized backhoe is perched atop the rubble.

But that's not particularly food-related. Let's walk on.

Behind this lovely facade lurks a surprise...

It isn't the quiet interior (and note the Hokusetsu banner, a good sake brand)...

It's the terrible quality of the lunch sets.

Surprise! Joke's on me!

Which is weird, because you'd think that any place where the chef was peeling asparagus by hand at the counter would be a place with pretty good food. Maybe they save it for dinner, because the fish was poor quality, as was the rest of the set.


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