Friday, August 20, 2010

Hope Ramen, Morishita (ホープ麺店)

I think it's basically this year that I've been actively into ramen, though I see in consulting the archives that as recently as April I was still trying to bullshit and say I wasn't that into ramen...bullshit. Since I've gotten into it, and explored a few traditional-style places like Bigakuya and Isono, I've had a mounting concern that the really hard-core old-fashioned places were concealing some secret flavor explosion. Or more like an implosion, if it was still concealed. Cruising by Hope on my bike Friday night, the bright lights beckoned...
Inside was surprisingly active. This is a ramen-izakaya, but not in the 'ramen dining' sense of modern places - just a cheap neighborhood restaurant. Lots of beer is poured. Customers are drunk and rough. Baseball is watched. Beans are eaten. At the end, there's ramen.
And the ramen looks like this. And there's no hidden secret. And I didn't eat most of it, but I did go home a little wiser than when I went out. 

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