Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mumbai Bar, Kanda

Recently the sky is so blue it's almost comical.  Anyway. Food.
"This place has been on the radar for months." Repetitious, no? But true. It's on the main street from whence you turn to get to all the places in the north of Kanda that are featured here daily. The bright exterior is a cut above...well, pretty much everything. That neighborhood is on the drab side.
The inside is just as splashy, what with these yellow walls 'n' all. For a second it looked too packed for more guests, but then we realized that there was a free table, merely packed between other guests and thus hard to see.
The food is good! And the food is cheap! 3 curries with naan and rice and salad - Y990. That's what I'm talking about. Ding and I both had the daily-special keema (with half a boiled egg!), the butter chicken (butter! creamy! sweet!), and the dhal (spicy! spicy!), all of which were spicy enough, or creamy enough (or eggy enough). The naan was an optical illusion, appearing small but quickly filling the stomach, and the rice really was small, but no matter.

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