Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Takaban, Awajicho

Tuesday night, I wanted...information. I figured if I got You drunk, then by hook or by crook I'd get some. He was already unstable as we were leaving the office - look how blurry he is here.

We walked up to Takaban, which I visited some time ago alone, sans camera, while waiting for someone to finish work. We didn't get more seriously into the food - Japanese guys are weird like that, happy to drink for hours without eating more than nibbles - and we resolved in advance not to drink much, but at least I had a camera so I can show you a bit. I still recommend it, but the odd quietness made it a little less fun this time, and of course the fish isn't quite as good since it's summer.

The kitchen is very big and industrial. I like that in an exposed kitchen; makes them seem serious about the food. And I still think the same thing, which is that the bare-headed guy who cuts the sashimi is the master, and the other 4 or 5 kerchief-wearing guys are the help.

Starters to go with your drink were, this evening, a stew of tuna (I think) and a nanbanzuke of snapper (I think). They were both pretty good (I'm sure).

A little confusion; we tried to order three types of sashimi but ended up with this mixed plate instead. Strangely, the sea urchin was the best thing out of it.

We also revisited the tough-as-wood toba, salmon jerky. It was still tough, but I love the way grilling it a bit before eating softens it up. Perfect with sake.

Of which they had about 30 varieties on tap, still in the delightful choice of sizes (60ml, 120, 180, +++). And some ginjo-level Juyondai. Good heavenz.

Banban! Banban!


  1. Sounds like a scene from "the prisoner". So number 2 you wanted information? Nice of you to offer sake or Toab to chew on. Maybe that's where they went wrong in the original. BTW did you get the information??

  2. There is a mountain called 鏡山 near my hometown! Where is it from?

  3. He said something about not being a number...

    Kagamiyama is from Kawagoe, very much in the middle of the plains outside Tokyo (for tourists, it's called 'Little Edo', but I and most people who have visited don't recommend it as a destination, even for a day trip. Save your pennies and go somewhere bigger and better - Kyoto? Takayama?). I don't think that's near your home town, wherever that may be. Would you believe there's a 'Kagamiyama' in Hokkaido, Yamagata, Fukushima, Gifu, Shimane, Shiga, Hiroshima, Ehime, Kumamoto, Miazaki, Oita, but the most beautiful one is near the city of Karatsu, in Saga? It has a great view of the famous pine forest.

  4. They certainly tried the drug route in the original - "A, B and C" is all based on #6 being drugged and dreaming, and I think "Living In Harmony" is like that too. That's to say nothing of the 'mind transplant', 'unmutuality' and other weird related concepts.