Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bernachon, Monzennakacho

I know what you're thinking, or at least I know what I'd be thinking if I was in your shoes. Your empty, empty shoes, gradually coming to the crushing realization that this picture is two bars of Bernachon chocolate and a bag of Jacques Genin caramels, and they're sitting on my dining table, not yours. Needless to say this picture is a bit out of date, and the items do not, shall we say, persist in the material world. I still have no reason to believe that there is better chocolate in this material world than that made by Bernachon, and now that I've tried these famous caramels (available, I believe, only at the factory store in Paris?), I have to say that even those of LeRoux are a bit...pale.

It is indeed good to have marsupial friends, and this is what I got for giving everyone's favorite Koala some ideas on where to go in Paris and ses environs. Needless to say, the Gold Star was high on the list.

In other news, she's not the only one who travels, and as I type this I am pushing up against my morning deadline as usual. The only difference is that this morning my remaining 15 minutes of shower, dress and breakfast precedes travel to the airport for 2 weeks of rock and roll and junk food in beautiful and historic Pitman NJ.

If you don't believe I'm leavin', you can count the days I'm gone.