Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheesesteak Factory, Glassboro

Surely you all know that cheesesteaks are one of the staple foods of South Jersey living? I am firmly of the camp that cheesesteaks are not available outside the Philadelphia area, and also that any place advertising their product as 'Philly Steaks' should be avoided like it's on fire (South Jersey is in the PhilaPA metro area. All the people making these steaks are descended from those who moved out of South Philadelphia and into South Jersey, and their families were probably all from Sicily anyway). What with my desire to lose weight and be healthy, it felt a little challenging to eat a cheesesteak, but a combination of Sherrilynn's provocation (she's eating for two and not shy about it) and a nice long run in the morning got the job done. We decided to try something different despite the fact that Ciconte's is pretty well acknowledged as the masters (and Jim & Mike's or Venice are none too shabby), and she suggested this place in Glassboro.

It's certainly grubby enough to be good, wouldn't you say? All we need is a drummer, for people who only need a beat, or something like that but involving grills and meat. I'm a little concerned by the trend toward standup dining - saw it here and then again in the airport in Chicago, where I guess it makes a bit more sense. If you're eating a big roll packed with fatty meat and processed cheese, do you really need to eat it as quickly as possible?

Here's the product. I've faffed around a bit, and have now gotten to the point where I have to tell you that this wasn't as good as some other steaks. The meat was dry (although hell, dryer - less fat, that's healthier!), and the meat-to-bread ratio was suboptimally low. Not sure I've ever had a cheesesteak with that problem before, but it's not pretty - exacerbates the dryness. Even my usual lashings of ketchup couldn't fix the problem.

Anyway, I ate a cheesesteak on this trip, and this was it, but I wouldn't get all excited telling you to go here.


  1. I have to say I dont agree with this article at all, a friend of mine actually introduced me to this place and I have to say the steaks and their pizza are really good, their fat sandwiches are out of this world, and yes they might be a lot of calories but if your on a diet then why not just get a salad.

  2. I have to say you own the place.