Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dedesuke, Ginza (でですけ)

Typhoon? Nuts to that. Lunch time. I was so keen to do something different that I took the train to Ginza. Where it was raining. Hard.

Dedesuke is not necessarily a promising place - if you look over the door, you'll see the first word is hormone...and you should know that that word means nothing good. But the menu lists real meat as well as offal, so I just jumped in and went for it!!! Yeah!!!

It's pleasantly dark and cool and stylish, as long as you don't look too hard, and there are all sorts of amusing off-work-entertainment-looking people sitting and smoking over their lunches. Or breakfasts, more likely. Meat breakfasts.

Meeeeeeeat. You could easily think that this was guts, but it's 'kiri otoshi', which I believe should translate as something like 'trimmings'. Certainly it's randomly-shaped, oddly-textured bits of beef. Bits of A5 Wagyu beef. OMG, A5 Wagyu!!! Yeah!!! People build vacations around this stuff, but you can get a plate of it for $10 and cook it on a little burner right in front of you, built into the table. With vegetables. It was pretty good flavor-wise, but being trimmings the texture was quite...varied from piece to piece.

And you'll get a different sort of trimmings with the meat. Incidentally, I'm a fan of grilling the kimchee before eating it. Is that weird? You can have cold kimchee any time, but having it hot, and maybe a little scorched on one side, is nice. I also think it's a good idea to put the cooked stuff on top of the rice so that the rice gets more flavored. And I poured the sauce on the whole thing. Yep, I'm foreign.

Ugh, they have plenty of normal shops. This is the only hormone one.

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