Friday, September 10, 2010

Murata, Iwamotocho (むらた)

Another of those 'fill in the map' days. However, it seems the map has stopped working now that there are over 1,000 points on it...that could take some work. That kind of work is much less fun than actually going to restaurants... Anyhoo, here's the shady doorway or Murata, offering respite from scorching sun (one of the last really hot days for this year, we hope) and the promise of cheap fried pork.

The funniest things inside were this odd kitchen-like decor, then the wide-open-ness of the space (communal tables plus a big, open, koagari area), and the huge TV. My friend here took a keen interest in Girl's Generation doing a live performance of their hit 'Genie'. I'm embarassed to say I had no idea they were Korean until just now, but on the other hand I had never heard of them until seeing them on TV (doing a Japanese version of the song).

Well, enough soft porn. Let's look at something really dirty. You can tell Murata isn't that serious about their food - the prices are less than half of what a self-respecting tonkatsu specialist charges. This is the filet, and it was interesting - as I've become fond of saying, there's always something interesting. In this case, they had foregone the usual technique of cutting the filet into medallions and frying - It was just a long piece of filet, maybe flattened a little. Interesting idea. Darkly-fried, but a little bland.

Keep that in mind for home use. I'll tell you the other really interesting thing here - when I asked for more cabbage (again, a self-respecting tonkatsu place will give you all the cabbage and clam-enhanced miso soup that you want - gotta do some things that are good for the customers' hearts so that they can live to patronize you another day), the waitress immediately told there would be a charge for that. Positively Italian approach, don't you think?

No thank you!

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