Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oumi, Tachikawa (青海)

The waitress from Zukunashi walked me down to this place, introduced me to the master, and then left. She has a business to run, after all. I was left with a two-sided sake menu and a bunch of snack options, in a rustic, deliberately old-style interior. It was kinda bustly, but I just sat and read my book.

The sake menu is pretty confusing here - like it implies that every choice is Y690 or something (this is only one side). That's sure not true; I gravitated toward the good stuff, and the young master told me a little nervously that the Jikon was much more than that. Never you mind, sez I.

I drank that, and a Kudoki Jozu jundai, and both were excellent - medium weight, not too fruity, more savory, still don't know what words to use to convince you of the flavors.

You were wondering about the atmosphere, right? Since a video is worth 10 posts that you wouldn't read anyway, this is what it's like. Very suburban. Very mellow.

The food was pretty good too. A couple funny points:

Ordering fail - I thought I was getting chu-toro when I ordered this (maguro toro). In fact it's akami with toroRO. Aha. Well, I've evidently added tororo to the list of things I can eat, and with a little soy sauce and a bit of a mix-about, I got through this. It's good for you, right? I still wouldn't order it on purpose.You're only laughing because you weren't there slurping it down.

Dried, sliced, toasted grey mullet roe, you say tomato, I say karasumi. This is the first time I can remember really liking karasumi; it made me think I should pick up some and eat it at home, because there's less cholesterol after it's dried, right? Right? Maybe the radish slices are there to counteract the cholesterol. Liking this really just means you like sake, because like so many snacks it's just a vehicle for drinking.

As usual, I did my share of walking around in Tachikawa, and I largely didn't find anything interesting. The folks at Zukunashi insisted that there were lots of nice little places in their neighborhood, and I scoffed until I saw this one. Now I just think this is the only nice one, so if you're in Tachikawa you'd better go here.

But I feel a bit bad if you are.

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