Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tsuruya, Kachidoki (つるや)

There's this great little place near the crossing in Kachidoki called Kanemasu. It's just a standing bar, but they have some good food, especially these rolls of raw beef tenderly wrapped around the freshest briny sea urchin. This post is not about Kanemasu, it's about the place around the corner that wasn't full. Looks good from the outside though, right?

Inside is...well, it's OK, and the master is very enthusiastic and trying hard to be helpful, and it's OK. There's just nothing to distinguish it. Big Bird and I got through one 'set' each (beer plus a small plate, Y750, I think. Only between 5 and 7. Very worthwhile.), and a 'big tokkuri' of a room-temperature sake called Kamotsuru (賀茂鶴). I don't know what Hiroshima sake is supposed to taste like, but this was sweet, soft and simple. Considering all that, we had a bit more food to finish the flask, and headed out.

Food pictures, just so you can see. We got the sashimi and tempura with our sets because we saw the grilled fish and chicken when our neighbor insisted on showing them to us, and they both looked terrible. What we got was surprisingly not terrible, with the fish being cheap but decent and the tempura being mainly veg, but competently fried. The grilled skate wing was just fine, and the breaded ham kutlets (seen here in patented X-treme Close-Up) were just like you can buy at the grocery store. Add enough Bulldog sauce and anything's good!

Well, relatively.

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