Friday, October 1, 2010

Barrington Coffee House, Barrington

Gentlemen? Several weeks after this event, the Barrington Coffee House publicized what had happened as their 'League of Gentlemen Weekend'. On this evening Jim, Greg and I went through a decent set of Jim's songs plus covers (and Greg and I played a couple songs with a guy named Chris who did a whole set after us). We were all in good form, so I regret not recording it, especially since Jim's voice and our playing were a good deal less good the next night. Fortunately other audience members were on recording duty, and you can find the evidence on the youtubes or the facebooks if you know where to look.

I like to this of this as the three pickers, although we're a little less famous. And accomplished. Still, this was a good night - it's not often that you go to a coffee house and hear music that's worth going for. It's a little unfortunate that Barrington usually charges a $10 cover, but their food and drink selections are pretty good too (I drank some tea, which is why this qualifies as 'eating out'. Aiiiiight?). The whole coffeehouse experience is something that I wish could somehow displace TV-watching as the cornerstone of American life - going out to see other people, hear some music, drink some drinks...christ, this makes me sound awfully prudish.

Ask for Trif. Actually don't bother, because you won't be able to miss him.

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