Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daikakuji, Kyoto (大覚寺)

I think most travel sites aren't very helpful, and I found an easy way to upload a few pictures per temple. Consider these a teaser to help you decide where to go. Also, they're all on the map.

I bought a ticket for Daikakuji accidentally - I went to one temple, and it was advertising a two-fer discount. Assuming this was for the other temple right next to it, I naturally bought it. Then when I tried to go into that temple, I realized it wasn't the same, and the ticket was for Daikakuji, sort of across town. I almost wrote off the expense, but later in the afternoon had plenty of time and walked over there. It was only 20 minutes, and this is one of the best single temples I've been to.

It's in that sort of 'floating' style, where lots of buildings are connected by elevated, covered wooden walkways. The buildings are gorgeous, span several different functions and styles, and are packed with 'treasures' like the screens below. It's definitely more large-and-impressive rather than small-and-delicate, but I'd say this is a top-5 temple, not to be missed.

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