Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gochiso, Kanda (ご馳走)

Hunh, I've never seen the traditional meal closing 'gochiso' ('treats', as in 'that sure was a treat!') written in kanji. Now I have. Pity the food isn't much of a treat, more a middling way to spend lunch hour. Unfortunately this is just down an alley by the much-beloved Bistro Marsanne (and when I say 'much-beloved', I mean that the Woodsman, Koala and Ding have all enjoyed it in addition to me), and I got diverted by the newness when I should have been indulging in the sameness and excellent food on the main street. [As an aside, BM now has a 'last order 1:15' lunch policy, which bit me in the ass when I tried to go recently.]

This used to be a coffee shop or a snack bar or something. The interior is far too rounded-off and bland, and it doesn't have any of the normal cues that soba places have. It DOES have a bunch of bottle of good sake that they pour at night, if you wanted to go back for that.

And of course they have lunch sets, centered on soba. This soba was decent, not more or less. The accompanying seafood rice bowl was actually quite nice considering they were making an effort to keep the cost down (not one but two pieces of octopus.)

Clear giveaway.

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