Saturday, October 2, 2010

Swede's Inn, Swedesboro

Well, this is it. The whole reason I went on this trip in September instead of May was to play this show. We had been working on a CD for the prior year+, and having completed it a few months before,scheduled a rockin' good time for ourselves at the Swede's - 4 bands featuring various configurations of ourselves.

Here, Snyderizer is doing his incredible job of setting up while Carson fools around on guitar and Big Gay Ed shows off his Big Gay Head.

And later we rocked. Actually this picture looks like we're tuning, doesn't it? I'd like to include a clip of us playing, but I can't do that in a way that doesn't show our names, and that isn't Kosher on this blog, right? Hopefully you've already seen it, or even came out on the night.

By the way, the food at the Swede's is OK. I had lunch there with Mom on my first day back, and the fish tacos were tolerable. The menu is bar-y in the bar and also in the big room where we were playing (which seats at least 100). There's also a 'formal dining room' on the other side of the bar where they have tablecloths and fusion food or something. It might be Swedesboro's finest restaurant, depending on whether you want fried chickin, in which case everyone says you should go to Rode's (pronounced 'roadies').

Eh, who care's how you say it.

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